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About Santorini Dairies


Brings a Taste of Greece in Canada

Santorini Dairies Inc. has its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In the early 1960’s many Manitoba restaurant and hotel owners needed quality dairy products, such as assortments of rare, or more well-known, European cheeses, dips, and yogurts, and often had to import them.

Gradually, some Manitoba investors and cheese aficionados came together and created partnerships with local producers and experienced cheesemakers who had immigrated from Europe, and although quality was superior, they could not meet the demand to ensure a continuing supply of excellent dairy products in Manitoba.


This is how the dairy plant of Santorini Dairies Inc. was born, first as a wholesaler of outstanding Greek Yogurt and Chlorotyri Feta Cheese, and soon after as a retailer of outstanding quality dairy products, gradually expanding from coast to coast across Canada.


The inspiration for the name came when a large Greek family from Santorini Island living in Manitoba requested catering of various cheeses and dips for a wedding.


Traditionally, Chlorotyri Feta cheese is the prime, freshest first batch of the Feta cheese process, and is given to the bride from her mother on the famous Santorini Island. It is one of the hardest Feta Cheese varieties to make correctly, but has the best taste and is the most nutritious.


This cheesemaking process forms the starting point for our vision in producing all our dairy products: excellent taste, outstanding nutrition, manufactured in the traditional way, right here in Canada.

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Paul Kostas


Years ago, Paul Kostas' Family had a dairy in Greece. Today Kostas brings a taste of Greece to Canada.

According to Mr. Kostas running the dairies is a bit of nostalgia, having been here for over 50 years he feels that one thing will always ring true and perhaps it is the true secret to Santorini Dairies success, that "You can take the farm away from the boy, but you can't take the boy out of the farm." 

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